How does ZenSports work?

ZenSports has built an amazing mobile sports app that makes it easy for you to:

  • Find other people nearby you that are into the same sports as you are (sorted by distance), and with a couple taps of a button, reach out to them to set up a time to play (one-on-one or group outings).
  • Find, register, and pay for more organized competitions (like leagues and tournaments).
  • Socialize with your friends and followers about everything and anything related to the sports that you enjoy playing. Upload and share videos, photos, stories, and other moments.
  • Live stream yourself playing sports, and watch other amateur/rec athletes playing. Show off your amazing skills and improve your physical and mental game by going live in real-time when you play. More on this here.
  • As a competition organizer, you can use Zensports to collect player payments for entry fees/dues, manage the registration process, brackets, match play results, stats, standings, prize money, and rankings right from your phone.
  • As a sports facility, you can create membership passes and accept reservations from players within the app. We help you make more money! As a player, you can purchase membership passes and book reservations at local sports facility. We make it super easy for you to get out and play.
  • Instant message and get real-time notifications and updates with your friends and followers.

Which sports and locations does ZenSports currently serve?

We serve all sports, and while we’re mostly concentrated here in the Bay area, we do have players from all over the United States who are using ZenSports. We’re confident that you’ll be able to find players near you that play in the sports that you care about. And if you’re looking for competitions, we have those from all locations as well.

How does searching for and finding other people to play with work?

When you’re in the ZenSports app, just go to the “Play” screen and make sure you’re on the “Players” tab. From there, you’ll see a list of players that are into the same sports as you are, sorted by distance. By default, we only show you players that are into the same sports that you have added to your profile (for any skill level). A green dot next to someone’s name indicates that that player is online right now.

You can then filter and search for players based on specific criteria that you’re looking for, such as specific sports, skill levels, etc., as well as searching for players by name.

Once I’ve found someone that I’m interested in playing with, how do I set up time to play with them?

Once you’ve found someone that you’re interested in playing with, simply tap the green “Play” button next to their name or on their profile screen. When you request to play someone through the app, you get to choose up to 5 dates/times/locations that you want to play with the other player. ZenSports then automatically sends that person a notification, letting him/her know that you want to play, and he/she has the ability to accept or deny that request and select which date/time/location works for him/her. The recipient can also counter a play request with a different date/time/location if none of the proposed dates/times/locations work for him/her. Anyone that hasn’t been blocked has the ability to request anyone else to play.

What’s the difference between requesting to “Play” someone and sending him/her a message?

Unlike sending a Play request, messaging actually involves directly sending a message to that person, with the recipient receiving a message within the app from you. The recipient can then view, reply back, have a conversation, etc. with you. Only two people that are mutually following each other can message each other. If you’re on the same team as someone within the app, you’ll also be able to message that person, even if you’re not following each other. If you want to stop receiving messages from someone, use the block future within the conversation thread.

For Play requests, we recommend using the Play feature since it cuts down on the back and forth that often comes with sending messages. Our Play request feature automatically handles all of the logistical arrangements, which saves you time and expedites the process.

How will other players find me to play with?

Same as how you find others to play with. When you create a ZenSports account, you’ll indicate the days and times that you’re available to play. You’ll then automatically show up in search results of other players who are nearby to you, and they can reach out to you to set up a time to play. But don’t wait for others to reach out to you -- be proactive in reaching out to them and get out there and play!

How do Group outings work?

When you tap on the green “Play” button next to someone’s name to reach out to them to play with, you’ll be prompted to choose whether you want to play just one-on-one with that player, or whether you want to create a group outing. After tapping the green Play button next to one of the people in the group that you want to add to the group outing, and then choose the “Add more players and create a group outing” option.

From there, you’ll be able to select the date, time, and location for when/where to play. Unlike when you choose a one-on-one match, with a group outing, you’re only able to select one date, time, and location so as to minimize a bunch of different people all confirming a different date/time/location. Each group recipient will receive a notification, asking them to confirm that they can join, and as the organizer, you’ll be notified when each person accepts.

What is the “following” feature?

“Following” is similar to following people on Instagram or Twitter — it’s how ZenSports helps keep people connected. When you follow someone, their posts will show up in your social feed so you can see what’s going on in their sporting lives. Also, you can’t instant message a player in our app unless the two of your are mutually following each other, and you can’t tag players unless they’re following you. So if there are players in our app that you want to chat with or tag, it’s important that you follow them. They’ll then get notified that you’re following them, and will be encouraged to follow you back.

How does live streaming work?

It’s easy to create a live stream — just create a post as you normally would from the Social screen, and then choose the “Live Stream” option. From there, tap the “Invite Followers” button to the right of the red record button to invite your followers in to view your live stream. Once you’ve invited your followers, tap the red record button and you’ll be streaming live!

Do people really want to watch me live streaming and playing amateur sports?

Yes! People that play in the same sports as you do find it refreshing to watch others at their skill level going through many of the same ups and downs that they do when they play sports. We’ve seen players get hundreds of viewers on their live streams for simple sporting events like league night or an amateur tournament match. In addition, players have told us that they focus better and are able to go back and re-watch themselves play afterwards, and use that to improve their game (since ZenSports keeps a recording of all live streams after they happen).

Check out the personal story from our Co-Founder & CEO on how live streaming has helped his game.

Are there any restrictions on videos that I can upload or live streams that I can make?

In connection with our Terms of Service, we do not allow videos containing nudity, violence, etc. We also ask that you keep all videos sports-related, and related to play that either you are participating in or that someone you know is participating in. Also, be mindful of existing copyright restrictions that you might be violating. In other words, no live streaming Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

We reserve the right to take any video or live stream down that we deem to be inappropriate or that violates existing copyright restrictions. Other than that, there aren’t any restrictions as to what kinds of videos or how many videos you can post and share.

Why do I need to sign up with my Facebook account in order to use ZenSports?

Check out our blog post on the 5 reasons why we switched to and require Facebook Login.

What does ZenSports cost for players?

There’s absolutely no cost as a player to use our app. If you want to purchase membership passes, reservations, competition entry fees, etc. with your credit card directly within the ZenSports mobile app, you can choose to do so. The only thing that you’ll be charged is the cost of that pass, reservation, entry fee, etc. However, there’s no cost to use the actual app itself.

What is the Deals feature that you launched in December 2017?

ZenSports launched an awesome new “Deals” feature in December 2017 that allows players to buy membership passes and book reservations at local sports facilities. With membership passes, you can get unlimited play at a local sports facility for a flat daily, weekly, monthly, or annual fee. With reservations, you can book guaranteed time at a local facility for your group or company outings. You can find out more about these features on our blog.

I’m a local sports facility and I want to add Membership Pass & Reservation Deals into ZenSports. How do I get started?

There are 2 easy ways you can add your Deals into ZenSports:

  1. If you’d like for us to help you get your Deals into ZenSports, simply email us at support@zensports.com, chat with us on our website, or call us at 888-688-SPORTS. We can take care of adding your Deals into our app for you, explaining how everything works, onboarding you and your business, etc.
  2. If you’re more hands on and want to add your Deals into ZenSports yourself, we offer a self-service option. Just go to the “Deals” screen within ZenSports, and then tap the + button in the upper right corner. Our app will walk you through how to create your Deal, as well as collect all of your business information (Tax ID, bank account info, etc.) so that you can get paid when players purchase one of your Deals.

If you’re new to ZenSports, we recommend doing Option 1 above so that we can answer all of your questions, help onboard you, etc. Also, you can find out more about becoming a Facility Partner by clicking here.

How do I create a competition within ZenSports to manage registrations, payments, brackets, match play results, scheduling, and prize money?

ZenSports makes it easy as a competition director to create and manage everything for your competitions. From either the Social or Play screen, tap the + button in the upper right corner. ZenSports first asks you what kind of competition you want to create. We offer 4 options: league, tournament, pickup game, or social gathering (if you have a charity sporting event, you can classify that as a social gathering).

Once you choose which type of competition you’re offering, we’ll then ask you for some details about your competition, like the name of it, which sport it pertains to, the entry fee/dues amount, etc. Creating a competition should take you only about a minute to complete.

After you’ve created a competition, you’ll get taken to the competition menu screen, where you can manage everything. The first thing you should do is tap the “Share” button in the upper right corner to share the tournament with everyone in your network. When you tap the Share button for a competition, you can choose to share it to other social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also copy a link to your clipboard and email or text the link to everyone that you know. Sharing the competition in this manner is really cool because when people click on the link from the other places that you share it, it will take them directly to the screen where they can see, register, and pay for the competition with their credit card. This is a great way to drive new registrations.

You’ll get notified every time a new player registers and pays for your competition, and you can see a list of players in the “Registered Players” menu option. For players that choose to pay you in cash the day of the competition, you can easily add them to the competition by tapping on the “Add Players” menu option. Once all players have arrived and you’re ready to start the competition, you can create the bracket using our bracket feature (for competitions where a bracket is applicable). For competitions that have an ongoing schedule format (such as a league), you can create teams and schedules.

ZenSports also allows you and players to manage match play results and prize money automatically in the app.

If I use ZenSports to create/manage competitions, do I have to accept credit card payments for entry fees and dues?

Yes, there isn’t currently a way to turn off credit card payments within ZenSports. Players are required to pay ZenSports directly via credit card for the cost of the entry fees and dues when registering for your competitions within ZenSports.

You can also give Players the option to pay you directly via cash on the day of the competition. You may refuse to accept cash payments if you so choose, and can require that Players pay ZenSports directly via credit card for the cost of the dues or entry fees when registering on the day of your competition. The one thing you can’t do, however, is prevent players from registering and paying via credit card through the app if the player chooses to do so.

What’s the difference between a ZenSports hosted competition and a competition run by someone else?

In addition to directors from all over the world creating their own competitions within ZenSports, we also host and run our own competitions from time to time.

Our goal in hosting our own competitions is to promote wellness, physical activity, getting out there and playing, and socializing in-person. All ZenSports hosted competitions will have the ZenSports logo next to the competition name when searching within the mobile app.

What kind of technical support for your app do you provide?

Our goal is to provide the best possible customer service that you’ve ever experienced. We want to be here for you whenever you need it and help in any way that we can. That means we provide 24x7 chat and email support. Just chat with us in the lower-right corner of our site or within the mobile app. To access chat within the mobile app, go to your “You” screen, then tap on the “Settings” gear icon in the upper-left corner, then the “Help” button. Or you can email us a support@zensports.com anytime you need help. We also offer phone support from 9:30am-6:30pm Pacific time. You can give us a call at 888-688-SPORTS.