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We convert your casual, one-time customers into repeat customers that keep coming back. Generate more revenue and a loyal customer base.

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Gain High-Quality, Repeat Customers

We help you create a new membership pass program or improve your existing membership pass program with automated tools that increase the number and frequency of pass purchases. Our software even handles group and party reservations.

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Increase Revenue & Awareness

ZenSports gets players to spend 5x the amount of money every month with your business than they normally would. All in a beautifully automated software that's streamlined for you and your employees.

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Low Costs. Get Paid Within Minutes.

ZenSports software is only $99/month plus a small percentage fee of bookings through the app. You can even get paid within minutes of a player making a purchase, not days.

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ZenSports does all the heavy lifting

Marketing to Existing Customers

ZenSports handles all upfront marketing to convert your casual customers into recurring members that generate more money for you at a higher frequency. Just sit back and watch your business grow.

Easy, Robust

ZenSports offers mobile app booking and management of membership passes, reservations, and payments. Instantly see what's going on with your customers, right from your phone.

Employee Training & Support

We'll show you and your employees how to use our software, all at no cost to you. And we provide around the clock support, and are here whenever you need help.

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